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About us

Who we are:

Our company Global Innovations Germany is a globally active developer, importer and manufacturer of promotional products and gift items with the focus on custom-made products and in-house developed patented products.

Since its founding in 2001 our company has gained a resounding reputation in the advertising industry and enjoys a high standing as a supplier for innovative promotional products and gift items with best price-performance and exceptional service.

What are we doing?

Customisation of promotional products and gift items are our core business and passion. We offer All from one source: from affixing a logo on a standard product to the development of a completely new idea according to your requirements.

We have the demand to identify and create the perfect custom-made promotional product for you. Our credo: Everything is possible

Since 2009, we were involved in numerous patents and have extended our range of patented products to more than 100 through in-house developments in cooperation with our innovation team, design professors and universities. Many patents can be used as basis for individual custom-made products.

Where do we produce?

The factories we cooperate with in Europe and Asia generally have high social standards (BSCI, Sedex) as well as appropriate certificates. We only distribute socially acceptable products in accordance with European guidelines and often beyond that.

Thanks to our participation in a factory in China with most up-to-date equipment for the production of plastic and sustainable materials, we are able to realise nearly any promotional product with excellent price-performance ratio. Our partner factory with high social standards has already produced for many renowned European supermarkets and has gained a good reputation. Furthermore, we have a network of longstanding cooperation with production sites in Europe and Asia and our in-house innovations team.

We thereby have a special focus on sustainability. As with other topics as well, we also have excellent realisation and visualisation possibilities for sustainable products.

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From an idea
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to a 3D animation
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to the finished product

Since 1990, our company is successfully operating in Australia and Asia and started in 2001 as individual business in the German market. The success story of the Global Innovations Germany GmbH & Co. KG started originally in Australia, namely in 2000 with a common object – a bag.

Firmengeschichte Australien Torstenkingscanyon

CEO Torsten Münich travelled as backpacker through Australia after his basic studies in business economics. Besides touristic discoveries, he wanted to gather experience in marketing and international trading. After several jobs in telephone marketing, direct sales and website development, he hired on-site at the company “Mongoose Trading” and was assigned with a task by the CEO. It was to sell within one day a bag filled with three different souvenirs. The success of the task convinced the Australian CEO, since Mr Munich not only talked to people on the street but also offered the product to companies. This business cooperation led to a friendship.

Buero Torsten Australien
Firmengeschichte Australien melons

On Torsten Münich initiative the business model was rearranged. Instead of selling from backpacker to other tourists, the company concentrated on importing large amounts from Asia and selling to companies and supermarkets in Australia.

At the suggestion of Torsten Münich Mongoose Trading was renamed to Global Innovations and together they involved in the Australian and Asian markets. Then in 2001, Torsten Münich founded his own individual business in Germany


Start-up capital from the Australian partner in the form of three products which Mr. Münich sold in Germany during his main course:

World time calculator, personal safety alarm, disposable camera.

Founding of Global Innovations Germany as individual business.

Conversion of the legal form to Global Innovations Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Participation in a company which had more than 70 patents. By and by those patents were converted into products and launched into the market.

Start of the cooperation with multiple universities regarding product development and design cooperations in Germany, China and the Middle East. Based on the cooperations, a multitude of patent ideas were protected.

Start of our greatest patent development through the takeover of the exclusive distribution of the Smart Label innovation technology “PolyTaksys” (now Open Monitor). In 2016 while it was only lab development with several basic researcher, it was transformed into the company PolyTaksys GmbH with CEO Torsten Münich. Read more.


participation in a factory in China, the beginning of a strong cooperation

setting up a further business area for garden products (garden furniture, garden shed, flowerpot etc.)

Starting into distributing the medical/ pandemic products

Moving into our new company building with 800m² office and showroom.

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Firmengebaeude Global Innovations

Our in-house innovation team proposes together with our team of product designer in Asia suitable products and develops in cooperation with various universities / engineers products according to your requirements.

It is important to us, that the innovations can be protected by patent law. During development, we already check with the producers, if the idea can be converted into a real product. We have a special focus on function and design.

As an additional option, we offer developments via our university network, whereby completely term projects for large tasks of the customers are possible, such as the development of household products on the basis of sustainable bioplastics.

Against this background we are able to realise product ideas really fast into 3D animation. Therefore, hand samples can be produced and our partner factory has accurate guidelines for the final production. As a result, we have different focuses:

  • Our strength is the realisation of very individual customer requirements. Often, customers come to us with a problem which seems unsolvable until then but we find solutions with our developer team. A good example is our cookie stamp.
  • It was developed as on pack item in the known Nutella jar. Back then it seemed impossible to create a cookie stamp which fits into the hallow space of the lid. Together with our innovation team, we developed a 3mm thin cookie stamp with flexible and foldable handle.
  • By now, the cookie stamp has been patented throughout Europe and already been sold over 20 m. times.
  • In regard to physics, we are working together with the university Münster. Prof. Knoll has developed the product “PolyTaksys – Open Monitor” where we bought the exclusivity for the development as well as the batch production up until market launch into mass production. We have thus, taken over the labs of the Uni Münster, employed inventor prof. Knoll as advisor and integrated the basic researcher into our own company. Therefore, we are a completely independent company, which will launch into different markets together with multiple market-leading partners beginning of 2022.
  • We are able to develop products internationally according to all requirements and interests thanks to our international university cooperation.
  • In Marketing, we are supported by a marketing professor and his team. Most of our innovation team are recommended students who – if possible – can be employed after their studies.
Ueber uns Universitaetskooperationen Entwicklung PLA
Ueber uns Universitaetskooperationen PLA Ausschnitt

Since 2018, we are involved in a factory in China which has most up-to-date equipment of machines to process plastics and sustainable materials. Our partner factory is certified according to international standards such as BSCI, ISO9001, FSC and FAMA. Core competences are household, bathroom, decoration and sustainability and much more.

Ueber uns Partnerfabrik moderneAnlage
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Ueber uns Partnerfabrik Musterraum

Due to our close and longstanding cooperation, we were able to realise many individual custom-made products for our customers. Since our office in China has direct contact to other factories from further product areas, we can offer quickly and ensure short development and production times.

A further advantage is our own quality control and production monitoring through external organisations. Every new project is exciting for us and we are looking forward to the visualisation from the professional designers:

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Produktentwicklung 3D 2 322
Produktentwicklung 3D 2 322

As your specialist for directly imported custom-made products, we are responsible for quality, which we can only guarantee with strong and reliable partners. Therefore, we examine new factories as well as longstanding partners periodically upon compliance with quality standards.

From BSCI, Sedex, SA 8.000, Fair Trade until specific requirements from your side: we are offering high social standards of our partner factories.

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It is important to us that the factories comply with all European standards. We conduct factory and material certifications according to your requirements. They are partly beyond given guidelines.

Besides internal quality controls in the factory and examinations from external staff, we are also testing the product together with you in Germany.

In order to reliably confirm you that all standards were maintained, our testing partners TÜV, BV or SGS are performing certifications.

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We are a member of Sedex and are committed to being a responsible and sustainable company. Using Sedex tools and services helps our company improve its responsible business practices.

As a Sedex member, we are committed to being a responsible company, sourcing responsibly and improving ethical standards and working conditions within the supply chain.

Through our SEDEX membership, we have access to a wealth of information about our suppliers and can evaluate their business practices in terms of labor conditions, human rights, environmental practices and business ethics. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure they meet and improve these standards.

Sponsoring of a child – World of Vision

Since 2001, Global Innovations Germany is a sponsor of World of Vision. For three years now, we are a sponsor for a boy in Mali. We are convinced by the concept of World of Vision: Help for self-help in order to help children and their families from poverty. Permanent improvement in lives of children in need is only possible if their surroundings are changed. Therefore, the sponsoring does not only help our sponsored child – but also the family and the region are integrated. Furthermore, we donate to the local community.


Support for Aktion Mensch

Global Innovations Germany supports Aktion Mensch-Soziallotterie – Germany’s largest social lottery and at the same time the largest private funding organization in the social sector, as well as the largest supporter of children and youth projects. Since 1964, Aktion Mensch has been improving the living conditions of people with disabilities as well as children and young people.

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Supporting local aid organisations

Nestwärme e.V. Deutschland

For several years now, we are working intensively with Nestwärme e.V. in Germany with headquarters in Trier. Every year, we support special campaigns through donations, which mostly supports children from our region. For example, for Christmas 2020 many families were provided with our 3mm cookie stamp and our diverse craft kits.

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banner nestwaerme

Sozialdienst katholischer Frauen (social service catholic woman)

Due to current cause of the Corona pandemic, we help people in need and therefore donated 1.200 FFP2 masks to the social service of catholic woman. We are grateful for the following press release:

In February 2021, the social service of catholic woman in Trier asked for donations via the donation’s platform “My help counts” of the “Trierischen Volkfreund”. The donated money was to spent for FFP2 masks and then to distribute them to people in need
Even quicker was the donation from Global Innovations from Longuich. Instead of money, Global Innovations donated 1.200 FFP2 masks which can be distributed immediately.
“Wonderful. Thanks to the donated money and so many donated masks, we are able to help people in need”, stated CEO Regina Bergmann.

Maskenspende Global Innovations 600 e1614154841850

Johanniter Trier

The effects of the Corona pandemic demand for a strong commitment in the vaccine and test centres of the Johanniter. Currently, there are hundreds of testings in schools and daycare centres per region for days, weeks and months. Therefore, professional equipment is needed. Against this background, Global Innovations Germany donated 1.500 high-quality FFP2 masks.

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Primary school Longuich

Due to current events, we donated high-quality FFP2 masks as well as type IIR children masks to teachers and students of the primary school in Longuich. Since parents are uncertain where to find fully certified masks for their children, it is important to us to help.

Meldung Website

Zentrallager Sachspenden Bonn (ZeSaBo e.V.) – Central warehouse donations Bonn

On 16. June 2021, we donated 25.000 fully certified FFP2 masks Made in Germany to the ZeSaBo. “We received the information for the high demand of FFP2 masks of the ZeSaBo in the course of a fundraising by the German Post. We are sure that our help will reach all people European-wide who are in need”, said Torsten Münich, CEO Global Innovations.


Convoy of hope

In July 2021, we donated 1.800 fully certified FFP2 masks Made in Germany to the association convoy of hope. We are sure that the masks can be distributed to people in need.

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