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Innovative product-development and all in all product handling require an especially creative and flexible team. Additionally, each team member has a special knowledge and strength which ensures that we can meet all requirements of national and international projects. Our team of experienced sales managers and key account managers is supported by in-house product designers and our innovations-team.

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I like working at Global Innovations because…
I can work not only with one product but with a variety of items. My favourite promotional item is our new GI HomeCare lunchbox. It is perfect for school, office and on the go.
Mika Klein
Sabine Richter
I like working at Global Innovations because…
It’s varied, always getting to know new products and always being close to the trends. It’s fun to find the right product for the customer or even to develop completely new products in the consulting process until it’s the perfect product for that customer.
Sabine Schneider
My favourite promotional item is the do-it-yourself wooden Christmas tree: With this further development of our “Rudolf”, it is possible to individually design the stackable Christmas tree with colours – fun for young & old!
Anne Couraud
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My favourite advertising medium is our wooden Christmas tree, the Rudolf. It is sustainable, innovative, playful and offers many exciting customisation options for our customers.
Maike Zenzen
Juergen Pfeiffer Team
I like working at Global Innovations because…
On the one hand, I enjoy working with the many different suppliers, because that way you are always close to the innovative trends. On the other hand, it is very satisfying to inspire people and customers with individual products.
Jürgen Pfeiffer
Torsten Muenich
I like working at Global Innovations because…
I love innovation and the feeling of having developed a product that meets the customer’s needs 100% and is absolutely unique. Furthermore, I want all people involved in a project to be enthusiastic. The factory employee, because he produces to high standards and certified conditions, the customer, because he was able to develop a product with us that also inspires his customers and my team, because they can develop and produce unique innovations.
Torsten Münich


Torsten Muenich

Torsten Münich
Graduate Economist | CEO
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