singing toothbrush tumbler with mini USB

Article number: TAP00038

The singing and luminous toothbrush tumbler with mini USB connection.

* Price on request

The singing and luminous toothbrush tumbler with mini USB connection:
The 30-second or 3-minute children’s song incorporated in the product will stimulate children to brush their teeth. The two LEDs in the tumbler will light up for a period of 3 minutes in total and in four different colours indicating the time recommended by dentists.

Further developments:
A mini USB connection will be integrated in the battery compartment. You may therefore use the included USB cable to connect your PC to the toothbrush tumbler. You may load up to ten of your favourite songs. These will be automatically reduced to 3 minutes and a randomly selected song will be played when activated. Some songs will of course be integrated on delivery already.

Toothbrush tumbler with USB input and LED light
* Tooth-shaped tumbler
* Mini USB with memory (32 MB)
* Including 70 cm long USB cable
* Including two AAA batteries
* Already recorded with your music, on request
* Including single-colour instructions
* The top tumbler can be removed
* The foot of the tooth containing the electronics is water repellent

2010 winner of the “Promotional Gift Award”
Many media recommendations following the Hanover trade fair

After activating via a button:
* The tumbler will play approx. 180 sec. of music you selected
* 5 to 6 songs may be recorded (via USB cable)
* Random function possible
* Two LEDs will light up on the tumbler in alternating colours (blue, green, red and yellow) for approx. 3 minutes

Extra toothbrush song available: Composed and recorded specially for this article. Comprising an easily memorised text with brushing instructions in high sound quality. We will be happy to send it to you.

Other options:
* Various languages possible ex-factory
* Learning version for children in German and English, alternating
* Special campaigns with Christmas carols or World Championship song
* Optional download portal

The product falls into one of the following categories: applied for or registered patent/utility models or industrial designs/copyright – either on us or of an external partner designer. This article is patented across Europe.

Other product variations possible in terms of color, size, material, logo & packaging.

*non-binding price range plus VAT based on the respective minimum purchase quantity when ordering in Asia. This serves as a rough guide, please enquire about the exact price by e-mail