Kids tableware set

Article number: DFW00343

5 pack kids flatware Set including bowl , cup, spoon, fork and bowl tray

*Price range: over 10 

Cute shape specially designed for kids.Bright and cheerful colors and cute shapes are loved by children of all ages, and the creative children’s plate makes it fun for babies to eat.
100% safe PP material, BPA and PVC free,Babies can use it with confidence, eat happily, and parents don’t have to worry. Forks and spoons are specially designed for babies, so they can be easily grasped by babies and train babies to eat alone.
Food-grade stainless steel bowl can better retain the deliciousness of food without worrying about damage. The suction bowl water inlet allows you to easily grasp the temperature of the food. In summer, you can inject cold water to cool the food quickly/in winter, you can inject hot water to keep the temperature of the food all the time, and the suitable temperature allows the baby to eat more when eating.
Our baby placemat won’t slip off. Powerful bottom suction cups safely suck on any hard, flat surface, preventing children from throwing food bowls on the floor or table. Highchair drawer. (Please make sure the desktop is clean before use, oil stains on the desktop will affect the suction of the suction cup)
Just wash with water and mild detergent before use, use it with confidence. This baby tray is fun and provides the perfect experience for your baby. Please note: Do not use microwave oven, boiling water or high temperature steam to sterilize, high temperature will destroy the function of the product.

Other product variations possible in terms of colour, size, material, logo & packaging.

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