Kids cooking baking gift set

Article number: DFW00105

Kids cartoon cooking baking gift set

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This set including two cookie cutters, one rolling pin, one spatula, butter knife, one spoon, one whisk, one piping bag, five pastry tubes, one Scraper .
Being parents ourselves, we know that your kid’s safety is your #1 priority. That is why we have made sure that our children’s cooking set and accessories are made from safe, nontoxic, food-grade materials. It comes with all the essentials you need to start teaching your little one.Great for kids size and easy to hold and clean.
Kids Real Baking Set creates the most ideal gift for your young chef. Whatever the occasion is, may it be a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Celebration Party or holiday, you are sure to make your little ones happy! So, wrap this up and the best smiles are just there for you. Suitable for kids 4+ years old(48+months years old).

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