Cake decorating pen tool kit

Article number: DFW00129

Cake Decorating Pen Tool Kit Icing Piping Tool Kit With 4 Different-Shaped

*Price range: 2,50 - 5 

The cake decorating pen in Cake Decorating Pen Tool Kit is made of high quality ABS material, safe and non-toxic; the cake decorating nozzle is laser welded, smooth and beautiful, will not scratch your hand; the cake decorating bag is made of TPU material, reusable and easy to clean
Cake Decorating Pen Tool Kit is easy to use and non-slip, just put the cake decorating nozzle into the cake decorating bag, then put the bag filled with sugar into the laminator for decoration. Cake Decorating Pen Tool Kit makes DIY cakes easy and fun, non-professionals can easily decorate cakes and help improve your decorating skills.

Other product variations possible in terms of colour, size, material, logo & packaging.

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