Anchor Shape Metal Coin Keychain

Article number: IJC00032

Easily taking the coin away

*Price range: 1 - 2,50 

Anchor shape pressing on both sides coin holder, the main metal body is combined with plastic loop. You can remove the coin from both sides of anchor, the plastic binder inside the holder can hold the coin firmly, which can provide you the excellent feel. After plating or colourful plating on the surface of main body , with the coin by using digital print, hollow with logo, colouring or printing. This is suitable for the tourist industry of shipping, shipbuilding, fishing port.

Other product variations possible in terms of colour, size, material, logo & packaging.

*non-binding price range plus VAT based on the respective minimum purchase quantity when ordering in Asia. This serves as a rough guide, please enquire about the exact price by e-mail