3 Pack Wooden Spatula Turner

Article number: DFW00349

Natural Wooden Cooking Utensils Kitchen Spatulas in three colors

*Price range: 2,50 - 5 

there are three colorsin this set : light brown, dark brown and black.
Each wooden spatula is grinded by hand and well-finished with a type of natural plant oil glaze that does not come off. Non-toxic, BPA-free, and odorless.
Spatulas Length 12″ , Designed with long handle , the longer handle meaning no more burn hands or get hands dirty and no more too-small servings.
these spatulas are suitable for all types of cookware, smooth edges will not scratch the non-stick pan, durable and helpful for stirring, mixing, turning, and serving foods, good tools in your kitchen or restaurant.

Other product variations possible in terms of colour, size, material, logo & packaging.

*non-binding price range plus VAT based on the respective minimum purchase quantity when ordering in Asia. This serves as a rough guide, please enquire about the exact price by e-mail info@globalinnovations.de