2 Pack Bento Box

Article number: DFW00351

Glass Food Storage Containers with Bamboo Lids

*Price range: 5 - 10 

Improve Kitchen Organization and Storage: These reusable storage containers are perfect to meal prep, pack lunches, and store produce and leftovers in the fridge.
Our all-natural bamboo wood lids have a silicone ring that seals in the freshness;
Perfect for those who want to avoid the use of plastic and eliminate the possibility of chemicals leaching into your food. These Borosilicate glass containers are made with 100% natural material, completely BPA, lead and plastic free.
Hand wash lids with mild soap and warm water. Glass containers are dishwasher safe and may be used in the microwave or oven of up to 500 degrees F. Bamboo lids are not safe in oven.

Other product variations possible in terms of colour, size, material, logo & packaging.

*non-binding price range plus VAT based on the respective minimum purchase quantity when ordering in Asia. This serves as a rough guide, please enquire about the exact price by e-mail info@globalinnovations.de