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Branded products such as high-quality towels and a range of bathing apparel

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What: Vossen products combine top absorptive properties, valuable raw materials and sustainable production. Vossen products boast various test certificates as witness to their unique quality.

How: Vossen follows the knowledge acquired over the millennia by Asian and European cultures who have ever since been aware of the relaxing, yet invigorating, power of bathing. This is what Vossen’s promise for the tumultuous times we live in is all about. Vossen ‒ a Touch of Energy. At the core of this concept and the ultramodern production in Jennersdorf we find a new and unique method of production that relegates the traditional felting process: the “AIRpillow” technology, the basis for Vossen’s leading position in the market. Towels, no longer soft to sagging but rather gentle, are created under jets of hot air, with maximum care taken to protect the individual fibre loops. This will create a pleasant and gentle caressing effect on your skin to please the senses and agreeably stimulate the nerve ends. The result is a pleasant feeling of relaxation and new strength.

Examples: high-quality towels and a range of bathing apparel.

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