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Open Monitor – Time Monitor

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Open Monitor – Time Monitor

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Introduction of Open Monitor as a time monitor in the food industry


  • First hurdle to introduction already taken through competition processor – consumers are familiar with the technology.
  • Determination and securing of market leaders in specific product categories.
  • Possible granting of exclusive rights for market launch – with commensurate financial support of the individual development.

The Time Monitor offers:

  • Proof that a product was opened
  • Proof of first use of a product
  • Brand reinforcement
  • Protection from tampering

Application directly on product packaging


  • No batteries
  • Compatible with food packaging
  • Automatic activation on opening

Consumer benefit:

  • Display of when the food was first opened
  • Better assessment of the shelf life of sensitive, open foods
  • Countering the throwaway mentality


Expected to be available from 2016


News:  Dunkin’ Donuts Competition 

Revolution in the competition sector – first global launch in Trier and Wasserbillig

Global Innovations has launched the newly developed “Open Monitor” as a competition processor, in cooperation with Dunkin’ Donuts