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Open Monitor ‒ electronic best-before date

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Introduction of Open Monitor as electronic best-before date system


  • Another product introduction hurdle on the food market concluded with Open Monitor.
  • Consumers have gained confidence in the technology.
  • Contacts exist with customers in the food industry.

Electronic best-before date – > Great added value for consumers, trade and manufacturers=> win- win situation, since everyone benefits.


The electronic best-before date:

  • If the cold chain for refrigerated products is interrupted and temperatures rise too high, a product’s specific properties may be negatively impacted; the printed best-before date will be unaware of this.
  • Open Monitor reacts to changing storage temperatures and adapts the display.



The thermograph nanofilm processor is another example of an application of this new technology. It comes as a label foil that automatically displays the temperature curve.

The thermograph nanofilm processor has unique features:

  • continuous measurement of temperature as a function of time
  • ongoing display of the temperature curve as time progresses
  • continuous operation without batteries

Typical applications of the thermograph nanofilm processor include general temperature monitoring in the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries and others.

Expected to be available: on request


Consumer benefit:

  • Constant monitoring of the temperature vs time curve of the product.
  • Individual display of the shelf life of a refrigerated product depending on the temperature it has been exposed to..
  • The consumer will know how fresh his product is and its updated shelf life, depending on the temperature it has been exposed to.
  • Countering the throwaway mentality


Expected to be available from 2017


News: Dunkin’ Donuts Competition

Revolution in the competition sector – first global launch in Trier and Wasserbillig

Global Innovations has launched the newly developed “Open Monitor” as a competition processor, in cooperation with Dunkin’ Donuts