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Frisbee with weighted rings

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Ultimate frisbee

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This frisbee is a very special sport and leisure time article. The frisbee has a click-in system inside to accommodate rings of different weight. This will allow adapting the aerodynamic properties of the frisbee.

Heavy frisbees will fly faster, light ones slower. Frisbees with unevenly distributed weight will perform different when in flight. Parts of the frisbee may be painted with fluorescent paint to allow playing even in conditions of reduced light.

* Frisbee with three different weight rings
* Rings are clicked on and may be exchanged or removed
* The different weights determine the aerodynamic properties and flying speed
* Including single-colour logo, other colours on request
* Including shape costs of frisbee and three rings

The product shown is patent-protected.


individually dyable according to the Pantone palette


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