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Digital infrared grill

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Digital smokeless and odourless infrared grill

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The digital smokeless and odourless infrared grill is ideal for cooking au gratin, scalloping and keeping warm.
Health-conscious cooking: Important nutrients are preserved; no harmful flames or radiation; not carcinogenic.
Newly developed infrared technology; grilling possible even indoors. – RRP: €199

Cosy get-together – without annoying odours and smoke.
The infrared radiation penetrates deeply into the grilled food, cooking from the inside. And the surface is also gently browned. Since your grilled food is cooked evenly, yet remains juicy, this grill is ideal for poultry, fish, vegetables, meat, etc.

Heats food to approx. 300 degrees above ambient temperature. The grill remains warm to the touch despite the high temperature and the environment will hardly heat up compared to other grills!
Dripping fat is collected in a drip tray and drains into a vessel underneath. The fat therefore does not catch fire on coals or heating elements – no annoying odours and smoke!
Food is ideally kept warm on the grill by regulating heat and changing positions (no burning).
Easy to set up and dismantle. Easy to operate with digital 99-minute timer and two different grill settings.

Advantages at a glance:
* World first
* Grilling, scalloping & keeping warm – all in one unit
* Health-conscious cooking
* No vital nutrients destroyed
* No annoying odours and smoke
* Grilling area for optimal grilling: approx. 34 x 24 cm
* No harmful rays
* No harmful flames
* Not carcinogenic
* Quick and easy to clean
* Juicy and tasty food
* Environmentally friendly, no CO, SO and NO emissions, no carcinogens (carcinogenic substances), no UV rays
* Newly developed infrared technology
* Digital safety countdown timer
* Suitable for indoor grilling
* No need to preheat!
* Exclusive design

Upper part sides: PBT plastic
Upper part centre: powder-coated steel
Inside: among other, two carbon fibreglass tubes, reflective aluminium cover, stainless steel grill (SUS304)
Aluminium tray, powder-coated steel frame, stainless steel (SUS304) side shelf and grilling utensils

1 600 W carbon tube insert
220 V – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
27% better energy efficiency than conventional electric grills

Grill, aluminium tray, drip tray, grilling utensils and side shelf

CE (incl. LVD & EMF), SGS (GS) TÜV Saarland certificate, Protection class 1, IP X4 (waterproofing)
At least five different quality controls to guarantee top quality.

The product shown is patent-protected.

Dimensions 68 × 38 × 31 cm





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