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The company PolyTaksys GmbH is specialised in the patented Open Monitor Technology: a nano film processor. The principle is based on the lateral oxidation of aluminum windows –depending on either time, temperature and humidity or combined. This self-sustaining smart label offers exciting solutions in a wide range of areas. As information becomes visible chronologically according to various parameters, new possibilities can be created.

All work and project areas for the development of creative solutions, tailored to your needs – from the initial idea to the implementation in your workflow. Expertises from food saving for refrigerated products to 4in1 advertising!

The patented Open Monitor technology was developed at the University of Münster.

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In 2011 started the patent development by overtaking the exclusive distribution of the Smart Label innovation technology „PolyTaksys“. In 2016, it was transferred from only laboratory development with several basic researchers to the company PolyTaksys with Torsten Münich as CEO.

In 2022, after 11 years of development, the market-launch will take place together with the global market leader in label printing CCL Label. The first product will be an opening-time-control in form of a sticker (U4 Food). The integrated aluminium window communicates to the client based on time, humidity and temperature instructions of action, to avoid food waste.

Open Monitor U4Food

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