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Sustainability becomes more and more important also in the advertising area and therefore, booms as never before. This rapid development is due to a radical change of image: We no longer associate sustainability with a sacrifice or a guilty conscience – sustainability is by now aesthetic and contemporary and moreover, fun. Thereby it refers to much more than just a synonym for environmental protection. Essentially, sustainability means that future generations may also develop freely and unhindered as the present generation. A conscious use of resources is therefore indispensable.

Therefore, we would like to do our part and have extended our advertising portfolio accordingly. We are able to produce custom-made products from many different biodegradable materials and thus, to offer sustainable advertising products. We look forward to checking if your required product can be made from one of our sustainable materials and make appropriate proposals..

Prior to start making proposals, we need all available information:

  • Product details (size/weight/current material)
  • Requirements
  • Quantity
  • Samples
  • Sample images
  • If available: design expectations

Furthermore, we offer sustainable products from stock which can be simply ordered and quickly delivered. Please find an overview here.

Sunflower seed shells are a waste product of the sunflower oil production and therefore, they are 100% biodegradable. Innovative and home compostable products can be made from this material.

What is special about this material?

The raw-material is a type of bio-PBS based on cornstarch and combined with sunflower seed shells – a waste product from the food industry. In our bio-plastic processing we give these shells a second life.

Home compostability has been certified by TÜV Austria.

  • Natural fiber materials with various proportions of sunflower seed hulls. Waste product of the food industry becomes filler & reinforcing material.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastics. Home compostable or biodegradable with no microplastic residue.
  • The speed of composting can be accelerated or slowed down depending on the material composition.
  • Bio-based, dimensionally stable, energy-saving production, waste prevention. Different materials with HOME KOMPOST certificate from TÜV AUSTRIA
becher1 4

Compostable plant pot

The pot can be planted in the soil together with the plant. It keeps stable during the cultivation and growing phase. The composting process starts only after planting pot and plant into the soil. It also prevents damaging the roots and so-called plant-shocks.

Available in different sizes.
Refinement: 4c print and laser

topf pflanze 1140x1140 1
gc bild q 1
blumentopf1 f 1140x1140 1

Compostable reusable coffee cup

This cup is reusable. At the end of its product life cycle it can get disposed in a home composter and will completely disintegrate without any microplastic residue.

Available in 10 different colours (certified by OK-Compost-Home, TÜV Austria).

Reusable cups from sunflower seed shells:

Advantages at a glance:

  • biobased
  • the shells are a „waste“-product of the sunflower oil production
  • dishwasher safe (up to 500 cycles with no alterations)
  • completely biodegradable
  • does not compete with food chains
  • does not occupy further acreages
  • cup-to-cup-recycling
  • absorb carbon: granulate on biodegradable polymeric basis. In comparison to conventional mugs, it has a lower carbon footprint.

Thermoplastic polyester made from sunflower shell fibres.

The mug (with 5 mm wall thickness) after approx. 12 months in a household backyard composter

  • Completely biodegradable
  • Certified compost reaction
  • Cleary visible start and progress of biological decomposition process
Nachhaltigkeit Sonnenblumenkernschalen Becher Zerfall 1
Nachhaltigkeit Sonnenblumenkernschalen Becher Zerfall 2
Nachhaltigkeit Sonnenblumenkernschalen Becher Zerfall 3

The mug (with 5 mm wall thickness) after approx. 12 months in a household backyard composter.

  • completely biodegradable
  • certified compost reaction
  • cleary visible start and progress of biological decomposition process

We will gladly send you more infirmation!

FOther exemplary product developments from sunflower seed shells:

20230301 112847

Plant clip set of 12

Zuckerohr cut

Sugar cane is the most important material for the sugar production. During sugar production fibrous residues arise which are leftovers after sugar cane has been squeezed. Sugar cane is by now a leading material in regards to sustainability and ecology. In the packaging area, sugar cane is very popular since it’s bio-based and compostable and furthermore, it’s a renewable material and in addition thrives very fast.

Material properties sugar cane:

  • Particularly stable
  • Heat resistant to at least 100°
  • Cold resistant (for temporary storage in fridge)
  • Waterproof
  • Grease resistant
  • Free from harmful substances

We can produce different custom-made products from sugar cane. We look forward to checking if you required product can be made from sugar cane.

3 mm cookie stamp – also made from sugar cane

Nachhaltigkeit Zuckerrohr Keksstempel
Nachhaltigkeit Zuckerrohr Keksstempel 3
Nachhaltigkeit Zuckerrohr Keksstempel 2

Good Mood Cookie Stamp

Nachhaltigkeit Zuckerrohr gute Laune Ausstecher

Further product examples made from sugar cane:

Nachhaltigkeit Zuckerrohr Eiskratzer

Ice scraper – 100% organic

zuckerrohr brotdose

Sugar cane lunch box


For many people, a cup of coffee is part of their morning ritual – coffee is deeply rooted in many cultures. The global consumption increases continuously, therefore coffee grounds and also tons of organic waste.

The good news is that coffee waste can be sensibly used. Sustainability and saving resources meet design and creativity.

We are able to produce different high-quality advertising products made from coffee waste. These products are mostly dark brown as their raw material, feel slightly rough, they are dishwasher safe and biodegradable. Furthermore, coffee has the positive propriety that it can absorb odours.

We are looking forward to checking if your required product can be made from coffee grounds. All products can be completely custom-made according to your wishes.

Nachhaltigkeit Kaffeesatz

A sustainable stylish lunchbox which is appealing through its simplicity.
Lunchbox made from sugar cane + PP + coffee grounds 

Nachhaltigkeit Kaffeesatz Doppelwandiger Kaffeebecher

You can now drink your coffee…out of coffee.
250 ml double walled coffee mug made from sugar + PP + coffee grounds

Nachhaltigkeit Kaffeesatz Stimmungsbild

Further products made from coffee which can be custom-made and are available from stock:

coffee notebook

Coffee Notebook A5

soap 250ml Seife Kaffeesatz

Soap with recycled coffee grounds

coffee pen Kugelschreiber 1

Coffee pen ball pen

Nachhaltigkeit Bambus

Bamboo is no tree but a sweetgrass. In contrast to wood bamboo growths enormously fast: some kinds can grow up to 1 meter per day. The diversity ranges from a few centimeters to 40 meter high “woods”. The advantage of this fast growth is obvious: the stock recovers within a short period despite intensive use. As a pure natural product, bamboo is completely biodegradable.

Advantages of bamboo:

  • biodegradable
  • though and stable
  • durable and high tensile strength
  • low weight
  • highly flexible material

Due to the above-mentioned properties, the flexible material bamboo can be used for many different products from bicycle frames to flooring to coffee cups. We can produce many different advertising products from baboo.

We look forward to checking if your required product can be made from bamboo. Below, you’ll find some ideas of the possibilities. All products can be custom-made according to your needs.


350 ml/ 450 ml PLA bamboo mug

Nachhaltigkeit Bambus Keramikbecher

400 ml ceramic mug with bamboo lid + spoon


Lunch Box 640 ml/ 1040 ml
Material: glass + bamboo lid

Further products made from bamboo which can be custom-made and are available from stock:

Sonnenbrille Bambus

Sunglasses bamboo

Bambus Eiskratzer

Bamboo ice scraper

Nachhaltigkeit Weizenstroh

Straw, which is a by-product of the wheat harvest, is mostly regarded as waste and therefore disposed of after harvest. Globally, it is known that a lot of wheat is cultivated and consequently a lot of “wheat waste” occurs. Wheat is, as well as bamboo, a fast-growing plant which means that the renewable material is available in a short time.

So far, wheat straw was mainly used energetically – thus burned – however, for some time now it is possible to make new materials such as plastics from wheat straw. We are able to realise interesting and sustainable products made from wheat straw together with our partner factory.

We look forward to checking if your required product can be made from wheat straw. Below, you’ll find some ideas of the possibilities. All products can be custom-made according to your needs.


Sustainable drinking bottle
Image: 420 ml drinking bottle
Material: wheat straw + PP


Stylish tablets
Material: wheat straw + PP

Nachhaltigkeit Weizenstroh Becher mit Deckel einzel

Natural mug with lid
Image: 320 ml mug
Material: Wheat straw + PP

Further examples of products made from wheat straws, which can be custom-made and are available from stock:

weizenstroh testmarker

Highlighter from wheat straw

weizenstroh einkaufschip 1

Wheat straw shopping chip

Nachhaltigkeit Maisstaerke cut

PLA (Polylactide) is a natural plastic made from corn starch

PLA is made from corn starch (a renewable raw material) and lactic acid and therefore fulfils the criteria for renewable biomass. The manufactured molecule structure of PLA is biodegradable and compostable. The composition of PLA is similar to conventional plastic from crude oil and is therefore a great alternative to plastic. PLA can be called alternative plastic as it is biodegradable. It can be produced as a solid, elastic or film-like material depending on the demand. Therefore, PLA is extremely versatile.

Properties corn starch/ PLA

  • From renewable raw materials
  • Strong and solid
  • High transparency
  • Water vapour permeability / aroma of food lasts longer
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Heat resistant from 60° to 80°

We are able to produce many different custom-made products from corn starch. We are looking forward to checking if your required product can be made from corn starch.

Nachhaltigkeit Maisstaerke Trinkflaschen

780ml drinking bottle from PLA for cold drinks – custom-made


Double-walled coffee mug with different motives and colours from PLA 250ml/350ml /450 m

Nachhaltigkeit Maisstaerke Tisch Set

Nice children placemat from PLA – custom-made colours and form

Further products made from corn starch which can be custom-made and are available from stock:

pla rucksack

Bag from corn starch.
100% biobased and compostable

Nachhaltigkeit Maisstaerke Poncho WoW

Poncho from PLA
100% biobased and compostable

Nachhaltigkeit Holzfasern cut

Wood is a renewable raw material. This material regrows again and again and is – in the course of a smart forest management – an attractive and sustainable raw material. It is especially valuable, environmentally friendly and traditional. The fibre content in wood is mostly between 50 and 60%. Wood fibres are mostly used for the production of wood fibre material – but for the advertising industry it is also very appealing.

Nachhaltigkeit Holzfasern Brett fleckenresistent
holzfaser3 1

Advantages of wood fibres:

  • Strong against mould: extremely dense surface
  • Antibacterial
  • Stain resistant surface
  • The high density and porous surface of wood fibres protects against discolouration and dirt
  • Knife friendly, dishwasher-safe and slip resistant
  • Is heat resistant up to 176°C and also temperatures below freezing

Wir können verschiedenste Produkte ausWe are able to produce many different custom-made products from wood fibres. We are looking forward to checking if your required product can be made from wood fibres. Holzfasern als Sonderanfertigung produzieren. Gerne prüfen wir, ob Ihr Wunschprodukt aus Holzfasern umzusetzen ist!

Nachhaltigkeit Holzfasern Brett Holzfaser II

High-quality wood boards from sustainable wood fibres


Cooking spoon from wood fibres

Further products made from wood which can be custom-made and are available from stock:

holz puzzel

Wooden puzzle for brain jogging

holz kaeaesebrett

Cheese set with wooden board and cheese knife

Nachhaltigkeit Material Kork cut

Cork is no wood but the bark from the cork oak and is therefore a natural resource which 100% recyclable. As soon as the oak is 25 years old, the bark of the oak can be harvested every 9 years. In the course of a lifetime of a cork tree, it can “produce” up to 1000 kg cork. The evergreen deciduous tree grows mainly in the Mediterranean – especially in Portugal, Spain and Algeria.

Cork is an eye catcher and has a nice haptic – cork is also a multi-variant material. Therefore, it is an ideal promotional product for everyone who cares for sustainability and has an environmental awareness.

Properties of cork

  • Sustainable and recyclable
  • Tasteless and odour neutral
  • Heat resistant
  • Water-repellent
  • Light & soft
  • durable

We offer a wide range of promotional products made from cork and are looking forward to checking if your required product from cork can be realised.

PLA cork mug

  • Patented technique for connection of cork and PLA without glue
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Our cork is 100% from FSC certified acreages
  • Natural material meets design and functionality

Nachhaltigkeit Kork Korkbecher

Further cork highlights

Nachhaltigkeit Kork Keramik Tischset Kork

Ceramic placemats
Material: Ceramic + cork + bamboo

Nachhaltigkeit Kork Metallbecher Korkboden

Metal mug with cork bottom 380ml
Material: Cork + stainless steel + PP

Stock goods: products made from cork

Nachhaltigkeit Kork Cooler
Nachhaltigkeit Kork Cooler 2
Nachhaltigkeit Kork Cooler 3

The way cooler is a high-quality gift and cool box for wine made from wood with a high-quality cork insulation – completely made from sustainable materials. The bottle stays cool up to 1.5 hours. A really nice promotional gift which combines passion for the environment and wine.

Nachhaltigkeit RPET Flaschen

Our lives without plastic are unthinkable since nearly all food packaging’s and for example the popular water bottles are made from plastic. RPET is a sustainable alternative for conventional plastic packaging’s: RPET means recycled PET. Usually it is RPET when the plastic is completely or at least a certain percentage from recycled PET. RPET is mainly made from used PET bottles that were collected by the very effective German deposit system. However, the recycled PET is different in comparison to conventional PET in regards to handling and appearance. For example, there are differences in viscosity and pressure resistance as well as the colour which is usually a little darker.

Nachhaltigkeit RPET plastic bank

The plastic bank is supported by RPET products: A social company with headquarters in Canada which aim it is to reduce plastic waste from our oceans and at the same time offers valuable opportunities for impoverished communities. The brand is known as Social Plastic®.


  • Savings of up to 75% of fossil fuels during production and a further 5% when burned
  • Plastic, incl. polyester, is made from crude oil
  • Recycled plastic products reduce CO2 emissions by 70%
  • Recycled Polyester uses 90% less water than usual Polyester and recycled bottles don’t end up in the oceans.
  • Recycling creates globally a lot of jobs
  • RPET offers the same quality and comfort as you are used to

By now there are bottles made from 100% RPET.

Product examples from recycled RPET

WFR089 Animals kids dinnerware

Drinking bottle made from RPET with bamboo lid

WFR024 RPET Snack serving bowl

Sun glasses made from 100% RPET

rpet fahhradbezug 1

Umbrella made from RPET

Nachhaltigkeit organische Abfaelle cut

Organic waste is any material that is biodegradable and comes from either plant or animal. While the aim of recycling is to return raw materials back to the production cycle, upcycling of organic wastes uses by-products from food production in order to create diverse materials and products. The aim is to use fewer raw materials and to minimise the ecological footprint. For example, we don’t need to fell a tree for the production of a notebook made from organic waste.

Harvest residues

With every harvest of fruits, vegetables and plants wastes remain such as leaves or plant stems. We need cellulose fibres in order to produce paper which we do not only find in wood but also in plants. The paper and cover of these notebooks is produced solely from organic wastes.

Nachhaltigkeit organische Abfaelle Notizbuecher

Further products made from organic wastes:

Nachhaltigkeit organische Abfaelle Notizbuecher Ledertasche

Apple leather toilet bag made from apple residues

nachhaltig chips

Trolley chip 100% made from biodegradable potato peels.

Nachhaltigkeit sonstige Materialien 2.Wahl cut

Fishing nets & nylon

Each year an average of 640.000 tons of fishing nets remain in the oceans; they make approx. 10% of the total oceans waste. From one tonne of collected fishing nets more than 7.000 leggings can be produced. Sustainable sportswear made from 100% recycled nylon from fishing nets and carpets.

Nachhaltigkeit sonstige Materialien Fischernetz shirt cut
Nachhaltigkeit sonstige Materialien Fischernetz Socken

Recycled wine bottles

Those glasses (and bottles) once were wine bottles! Each year more than 440 million wine bottles are thrown away after one-time use. Instead of throwing the bottles away, new products such as this drinking glass can be developed.


Elephant grass

Elephant grass is a brand-new material which grows on Dutch soil. Natural fibres, biodegradable, very solid and sustainable. Elephant grass is a fast-growing crop which absorbs four times as much CO² than woods. Due to modern technologies, it is possible to produce many products from this plant which are better for the environment, for example a flower pot or a notebook.

Nachhaltigkeit sonstige Materialien Topf Elefantengras cut