We can offer you everything under a single roof – from standard promotional material in stock, conventional customised products imported from Asia directly and down to fully customised realisation of your ideas.

The three shops are each structured independently. You cannot drop product enquiries from different shops into a common shopping cart. The stocked goods shop and the delicatessen shop have each their own shopping carts. In the special production shop you can request the products either separately or combined into a wish list. This wish list may include articles from the delicatessen shop.

Goods in stock

We operate an extensive supplier network across Europe. In this respect we have created a separate shop where you will find more than 50 000 products ex stock. We will furthermore gladly compile individual quotations for your desired product.

Select your products in this shop, add them to the shopping cart and supplement your wishes. We will get back to you with a quotation a.s.a.p., including your advertising attachments.

About the Stock shop functions

This separate shop offers you products with short delivery times, usually ex stock and finished in Germany.

The shop opens in a separate window and has its own shopping cart.

To find the desired product, use the Search function or click on the different categories; you may also sort alphabetically or by price.

Products with prices may be purchased directly via the shopping cart. Please note, however, that we will need to check stock before final confirmation, whereafter delivery will be confirmed by e-mail.

You may also contact us directly to request a product or order a sample.

Special production & patented products

We can offer you virtually any range of products – from simple standard articles with your logo, produced in our Asian or European factories, up to fully customised special productions. We have created an extensive database for your convenience and as an aid in the selection of your promotional articles. Furthermore, we will also gladly research your personal dream article.

We are confident that our shop will provide you with suggestions towards finding the article you desire.

About the Special productions shop functions

Allow this shop to inspire you and to show you products that match your desired advertising media.

Search results may be refined using the selection menu on the left.

Since the shop is currently still under development, it is possible that selecting several filters will produce no results.

Please select either the search function or start searching by Category or Event and refine to further limit results.

You may in detail view either order the product from us directly or add it to a wish list to be submitted to us together with other products to request a quotation.

Please find the “Wish list” link under Navigation.

Delicatessen shop

This shop offers a variety of delicatessen for the connoisseur, including our excellent premium Christmas and promotion stollen (September to December).

In the near future, the shop will also offer top brands in the field of gardens, decoration and gifts, partially distributed in the advertising industry exclusively by ourselves.

About the Delicatessen shop function

Use this shop to find delicatessen for the connoisseur and selected foods that will excellently suit your promotional or retail trade objectives.

Articles may be purchased using the shop’s shopping cart. Please note, however, that seasonal articles such as stollen will be available only from September to December.

You may also add articles to the wish list to request a quotation. We will respond with an offer without delay.

More than 100 patents

Would you like to distinguish yourself from the conventional?

We are the holders of more than 100 patents in various fields that we will be able to adapt to your requirements without loss of patent protection and on request cede to you exclusively in your sector. More than 2 million patented products have been sold to date.

Innovations team and university cooperation

Our own Innovations team will suggest articles suited for your needs and develop and customise your specified products in cooperation with several universities.
It is important that your innovative articles will have a distinguishing feature to serve as a unique selling point on the market. We will try to protect innovations by patenting wherever possible, to prevent your competitors from producing similar articles.
Discussions will be held with producers during the development phase already to establish whether the idea may be implemented as a viable product.
Our international cooperation with several universities allows us to develop products to suit foreign cultures, needs and interests.