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Patents / Product with property rights

We are managing more than 100 property rights in various areas, which can be individually adapted to your needs without losing property rights. If required, they can be awarded to you exclusively in your industry/sector.

Since we gained shares in a patent development company in 2009, our proprietary range is constantly growing, so that we have now more than 100 patented products at our disposal. We produce and market the majority of our protected products. So far, we distributed over 30 million productswith property rights in trade – and the promotional area.

The patents were either acquired through shares in companies, licensed by selected inventors or result from university cooperations: they were partly developed upon customer’s order or acquired exclusively as a ready product for the licensed period.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and we would be more than happy to present you our (patented) products personally as not all of our products can be found on the internet.

Product adaptations while maintaining the patent protection are possible, therefore the products can be adapted even more individually to the requirements of your customers.

More than 100 industrial property rights (patents, utility models, design patents) and a multitude of other copyrights and ideas for trade and promotion are waiting to find you as a buyer.