Garden furniture exhibition: Cane-line

We are a professional partner of Cane-line garden furniture. Cane-line offers more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of functional and comfortable furniture tailored to the needs of customers.

The fundamental value for good design at Cane-line is comfort and the optimal mix of aesthetics and functionality. Our own in-house design team works daily to create the best collection of unique products that add value and make life more comfortable.

At Global Innovations Germany you can get an idea of the high quality Cane-line garden furniture on 200 m² garden furniture exhibition.

Let yourself be inspired on the Cane-line site – if you have seen something suitable, we can offer you garden furniture to match:

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Outdoor tables


Outdoor coffee tables


Outdoor armchairs


Outdoor highback-chairs

Global Innovations is a professional partner of Cane-line and has its own garden furniture exhibition. We will be happy to make you a suitable offer for your desired Cane-line furniture.