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We moved into our new office building in march 2021

Firmengebaeude Global Innovations

In 2019, the magazine Focus Business and the company Statista together nominated us as growth champion 2019 since we grew by 400% within 3 years.

Our new office is an innovative building, which offers enough space for our staff. Thanks to the significant enlargement, we can better show the innovative strength of you company in the newly built showrooms with numerous examples of our individual custom-made products. We are looking forward employing new staff and to strengthen our team.

All team members enjoy working in the new building. They benefit from enough private space, for example the team kitchen, terraces, shower facilities after doing sports or coffee kitchen. Furthermore, the employees have the opportunity to withdraw for internal meetings or video calls with customers in the large conference room or the offices on the ground floor. There are rooms for social media activities, a separate packing room and generous space for preparing customer and product presentations.

The open-plan office supports a positive working atmosphere in the team and simplifies communication. Thanks to the new floor plan, processes were restructured and optimised.

In a separate office area, we are checking if start-ups, whose main focus corresponds with our business areas, can be supported financially and if their concepts can be integrated with us and therefore, facilitate the start for those start-ups.

We are more than happy that this project was successful.