From standard advertising material as stock items, to custom made products in direct import from Asia, to the completely individual realization of your own idea, we can offer you everything from a single source.

In doing so, we observe the highest quality and factory standards and, if desired, we can rely on our more than 100 patents.

For completly new developments, we are supported by our innovation team and university co-operations. We have been represented in Germany since 2001, in Asia, Australia, Canada and Sweden since 1995. Through many years of presence, we have been able to put together an outstanding network of factories.

Innovative Werbemittel - alles aus einer Hand

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Our strengths

  • More than 100 patented products
  • Innovations team and university cooperation
  • Directly imported special products
  • Top social and material standards
  • Excellent quality test system
Goods in stock

We have an extensive network of suppliers throughout Europe. In this context, we have created a separate shop where you can access over 50,000 products. You can put together your desired articles through the inquiry option and have us calculate them, including your advertising.

In addition, you always have the opportunity to tell us your individual desired product and we will provide you with a detailed offer.

Of course, beyond this shop, we work together with other suppliers and can create individual offers.

You are also welcome to tell us your requirements and our team will prepare a selection suitable for your budget and the mentioned target customers.

Individual custom-made products in direct import

From simple standard articles to completely individual custom-made products, we can offer almost any product range.

Here we pay attention to high social standards and certified materials. Your company must comply with our Global Innovation Guidelines and also have an in-house development department.

We have been present in Germany since 2001, in Asia, Australia, Canada and Sweden since 1995. Thanks to our many years of presence, we have been able to put together an outstanding network of factories.

Due to our many years of experience, we can assess in the initial conversation with high certainty, whether we can realize an article or if there are obstacles that need to be resolved first. It is therefore of crucial importance for us that you explain your possibilities in the development and production exactly, so that we can act as a professional partner with the customer.

Even time-critical productions can be realized through our excellent business relationships and with the support of on-site support.

Over 100 patents

We have more than 100 patents in various areas, which are adapted to customer needs without loss of the intellectual property right and are awarded exclusively on request.

So far over 2 million patent products have been sold. New patents are constantly being added or patents from our portfolio are being handed over to industrial production. We are always on the lookout for high-performance factories from Europe or Asia, who develop complete innovations in cooperation with our innovation team and our partner universities.

These have been developed to meet the needs of corporations or end users or have been purchased or exclusively licensed by designers, inventors or other companies.

Not all our patents can be found on our website. Depending on your production options, we will be happy to check which patented products could be realized by you.

Product customization of our patents is possible while maintaining patent protection.

Innovations team and university cooperation

Our own innovations team will suggest suitable articles and develop and customise your products in cooperation with several universities.

It is important that your innovative articles will have a distinguishing feature to serve as a unique selling point on the market. We will try to protect innovations by patenting wherever possible, to prevent your competitors from producing similar articles.

Discussions will be held with producers during the development phase already to establish whether the idea may be implemented in the form of a viable product.

Our international cooperation with several universities allows us to develop products to suit foreign cultures, needs and interests.

Top service level and speed

Our staff are trained to take as much of your work as possible off your hands and to partner you in the development of promotional articles and gifts. A competent contact person will assist you – starting with the idea, via development and down to production supervision and delivery.

Speed is the concern of every customer. Our direct contact with the factories (no agents) enables us to respond fast, providing quotations to ensure rapid development and production.

Our detailed quotations will normally obviate the need for further queries.

Additional service options / Sample development

In addition to articles displayed in our special productions shop, we can also offer production of special patentable items to your specification.

This will be handled either by our internal Innovations team or be professionally presented as 3D animations and fully in-house developments in cooperation with several universities.

We regard high-grade prototyping as paramount, since this will serve as the basis for smooth mass production. Developers at the factories will be involved from the start to ensure that all aspects are discussed in detail before start of production.

Upon request we will offer you design services, 3D animations and prototype developments in close coordination with the factory.

Our services range from container deliveries via palletised delivery to your field warehouses up to complete individual packaging of e.g. competition prizes (incl. running the competition and presentation to the winner).

Production supervision and quality controls

Our products are subject to stringent internal and external quality testing and productions are monitored on site by external field workers.

For major production volumes or complicated special productions, we dispatch selected, trained persons to the factories to examine the material before start of production.

Several production checks are carried out in the course of production, for immediate remedy of possible misunderstandings and for swift corrective action.

The factory will naturally carry out 100% quality inspections before packaging the goods.

Renowned test laboratories will carry out final pre-shipment inspections of high volume productions to assure you and us that the product satisfies your requirements to perfection.

You are more than welcome of course to send us your criteria for examination.

Social standards / Certifications

As specialist for directly imported special products, we accept full liability for quality. To guarantee this, we need the support of strong partners. This is why we check new factories and even traditional partners for compliance with the quality standards at regular intervals.

Starting from BSCI, Sedex, SA 8.000, Fair Trade and down to your specific requirements: We will offer you partner factories with top social standards.

We ensure compliance with all European Standards and will perform factory and material certifications according to your requirements.

On top of internal quality checks in the factory and inspections by our external consultant, we will also perform joint sample inspections with you in Germany.

Our test partners TÜV or SGS certify products to allow us to bindingly state that all Standards have been complied with.

European Directives

Magazines and news reports are telling us that the demands made on products are constantly rising. Our staff undergo regular training to ensure they will remain up to date in this respect.

We are cooperating with several institutes to examine fully customised products or new developments for their classification under European standards before starting production.

This may lead to the exclusion of certain production plans even before starting the development.

Complex productions are discussed with the trade inspectorate in advance to avoid potential problems in the course of testing.

Delivery options

We are flexible in this respect and will adapt to suit your needs. The options range from FOB delivery with your own quality controls arranged by your company up to full service or delivery by ourselves into your intermediate storage.

We will of course take care of all quality inspections, product management on site and delivery by sea, air or courier, including freight forwarding.

All EAR (WEEE) registrations, Dual System, battery disposal etc. will of course be arranged and registered by ourselves.

On request we will deliver full containers to your central warehouse or deliver palletised goods directly to your external depots.

We will also gladly take over full management of your competitions. This will normally involve cooperation with your agency. We can arrange the full spectrum of services – from the development of the competition concept, via production and down to the designation of winners and individual dispatch of prizes.