As a specialist for custom-made products and owners of more than 100 patents, we are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers.

We have developed a thorough test concept for suppliers. Especially new Asian suppliers have to sign certain contracts before working with us, are checked on site by a contact person and generally tested according to the Global Innovation Standards. The chance that you will become a standard supplier in our company is significantly increased by corresponding certificates such as BSCI or Sedex and special material certificates.

Customised special production

Since we specialize in custom-made custom-made products for the trade and advertising sector, we rely on strong development partners. We look forward to the presentation of your development system and the product areas your company is focusing on.

Contact person

Our strengths

  • More than 100 patented products
  • Innovations team and university cooperation
  • Directly imported special products
  • Top social and material standards
  • Excellent quality test system
Goods in stock

In every large product category, we work with a large warehouse keeper to bundle sales and provide the best purchasing conditions for our customers.

Since we sell to the advertising wholesale and agencies, we need absolute special prices.

We are very loyal to suppliers and are constantly expanding our brand assortment.

Please introduce us to the product areas in which you are particularly strong. We already have an extensive supplier pool, but are always interested in expanding it. In order to be able to serve our agencies and wholesalers competitively, we expect special purchasing conditions and place the highest value on quality.

We maintain long-term business relationships with a large number of our suppliers.


Individual custom-made products in direct import

From simple standard articles to completely individual custom-made products, we can offer almost any product range.

Here we pay attention to high social standards and certified materials. Your company must comply with our Global Innovation Guidelines and also have an in-house development department.

We have been present in Germany since 2001, in Asia, Australia, Canada and Sweden since 1995. Thanks to our many years of presence, we have been able to put together an outstanding network of factories.

Due to our many years of experience, we can assess in the initial conversation with high certainty, whether we can realize an article or if there are obstacles that need to be resolved first. It is therefore of crucial importance for us that you explain your possibilities in the development and production exactly, so that we can act as a professional partner with the customer.

Even time-critical productions can be realized through our excellent business relationships and with the support of on-site support.

Over 100 pantents

We have more than 100 patents in various areas, which are adapted to customer needs without loss of the intellectual property right and are awarded exclusively on request.

So far over 2 million patent products have been sold. New patents are constantly being added or patents from our portfolio are being handed over to industrial production. We are always on the lookout for high-performance factories from Europe or Asia, who develop complete innovations in cooperation with our innovation team and our partner universities.

These have been developed to meet the needs of corporations or end users or have been purchased or exclusively licensed by designers, inventors or other companies.

Not all our patents can be found on our website. Depending on your production options, we will be happy to check which patented products could be realized by you.

Product customization of our patents is possible while maintaining patent protection.

Innovations team and university cooperation

Our own innovations team will suggest suitable articles and develop and customise your products in cooperation with several universities.

It is important that your innovative articles will have a distinguishing feature to serve as a unique selling point on the market. We will try to protect innovations by patenting wherever possible, to prevent your competitors from producing similar articles.

Discussions will be held with producers during the development phase already to establish whether the idea may be implemented in the form of a viable product.

Our international cooperation with several universities allows us to develop products to suit foreign cultures, needs and interests.

Top service level and speed

You need your own quality management system with a quality inspection system for different stages of production.

We work directly with the manufacturer factories to ensure the speed of tendering, development and production and a very good price / performance ratio.

Our customers are used to having the very first offer prepared to the last detail and containing all the information. Thus one of our basic requirements of cooperation is that we also receive detailed offers from you.

We are known by our customers for doing very individual productions based on the highest quality. For this purpose, we have developed multi-level quality levels, which you must be confirmed before a first cooperation.

Production time is playing an increasingly important role. Due to our very good contacts to our manufacturers, we are able to carry out productions very quickly, despite multilevel quality controls.

Production supervision and quality controls

Our products undergo rigorous internal and external quality testing and productions are monitored by external field staff.

For larger productions or difficult custom designs, we send selected, trained people to the factories that inspect the material before the start of production.

During production, controls are also carried out in order to remedy any misunderstandings immediately and to intervene in time.

Before the goods are packed, we expect a 100% quality inspection from you. In order to give you and us the assurance that the item produced corresponds exactly to the customer’s requirements, final pre-shipment inspections are carried out by renowned testing institutes for larger productions.

Depending on the production volume, further measures will be initiated by us.

Social standards / Certifications

We ensure compliance with all European standards and carry out certification according to the wishes of our customers.

In addition to the internal quality checks in the factory and examinations by our external supervisors, we also carry out further tests in Germany.

In order to confirm bindingly that all standards are met, we carry out certifications at our testing partners TÜV or SGS.

In addition to material certificates or certificates specially made for the productions, we also need your factory certificates.

As a specialist for custom-made products in direct import, we are responsible for the quality. We can only guarantee these with strong partners.

Therefore, we regularly check new factories and long-standing partners for compliance with quality standards.

Our customers have high expectations of social standards, so if possible we work with factories that can provide specific certificates. These include u.a. BSCI, Sedex, SA 8,000 or Fair Trade.

Of course, we also offer our customers the opportunity to carry out their own audits in your factory.

European Directives

Magazines and news reports are telling us that the demands made on products are constantly rising. Our staff undergo regular training to ensure they will remain up to date in this respect.

We are cooperating with several institutes to examine fully customised products or new developments for their classification under European standards before starting production.

This may lead to the exclusion of certain production plans even before starting their development.

Complicated production will be discussed with the commercial inspectorate in advance to ensure that there will be no open issues should the products be tested.