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Intelligent packaging – latest press releases

The topic of food wastage due to the best-before date has lately caused a considerable stir in the media.

Since our patented Open Monitor product offers a solution by way of “intelligent packaging”, we are receiving many enquiries by journalists. The first discussions of Open Monitor have already been broadcast on TV and radio stations:

The German Federal Minister for Agriculture and Food, Christian Schmidt, is demanding the abolition of traditional best-before dates. Since products are often still usable far beyond the best-before date, an enormous amount of food is unnecessarily discarded – not because it is no longer edible, but because it has passed its best-before date. Federal minister Schmidt therefore touts intelligent packaging.

Our electronic best-before date system is just that – “intelligent packaging”. The electronic best-before date system will, as opposed to current best-before labels, adjust the indicated product shelf life by taking into consideration temperatures.

Compared to the current best-before date, the shelf life will thus be reduced if the prescribed storage temperature is exceeded and extended if the prescribed storage temperature is maintained.

The electronic best-before date is thus a far better indication of the “true shelf life properties” of a product than traditional best-before dates. Not only will the consumer now benefit from a better indication of the remaining shelf life of his product, but business will also now be able to check whether the cold chain was interrupted and the manufacturer will have the assurance that his drivers are maintaining the cold chain.

Contributions over TV on RTL (Punkt 12, RTL aktuell), ntv and SWR Landesschau and over radio stations SWR3 and Rockland Radio have already been broadcast. For some of the TV contributions please click on the following media centre links (German):