As a specialist in custom and patent development, we are always looking for inventors to enrich our portfolio..

We can offer you different options to bring your product to the market.

In order to give you a detailed market estimate , it is important for us that you describe the article you have developed very precisely.

In any case, we need an exact definition of the state of development of your idea.

Is there already a hand sample? Has a manufacturer already issued a price indication and tested the product for feasibility?

Do you already have ideas for sales? Have you already made contacts? Are there already interested parties?

Should the property right, if not already existing, be registered by you or us?

In what form would you like to obtain a license?

Financing: Who signs the property right? Who pays the mold costs? Who finances the project and mass production until payment by the customer? Who bears the risk?

These points should be discussed with the inventor in the initial interview.

Current status of your development

For the first contact, the following points will be discussed:

  • What is the state of development?
  • Are there already 3D drawings or hand patterns?
  • Are there any market research results available?
  • Would you like to participate in development costs, forms or sales?
  • Is your product already patented?
  • Who are the target groups and target markets?

Full service or just production?

We can offer you various possibilities of cooperation. After a first telephone assessment, we decide whether a detailed presentation of your product is possible.

  • We offer a complete service: development, sample production, production support, mass production and complete marketing
  • Alternatively, it is of course possible that we only take over the production for you.
  • Depending on the assessment of your invention on our part, we can offer you various options of cooperation.
  • Complete service: This means that we record your idea, define a protective right, have 3 D create data and samples, calculate the costs and then present the article to the potential target customer. Also, the production and delivery will be handled completely by us in this case.

Of course, it is conceivable that you realize only individual areas with us. For example, there is a possibility that we only do the production and you take over the distribution yourself or outsource it to an external company.


Patent development

All under a single roof ‒ from the idea via concept development and down to creating your design. In order to optimise development time in advance already, our Innovations team calls on the support of several universities as well as of the development team of the Asian factories. > To the patents

Our strengths

  • More than 100 patented products
  • Innovations team and university cooperation
  • Directly imported special products
  • Top social and material standards
  • Excellent quality test system
more patended products

Since we already have access to over 100 patented products and have already placed a large number of them in the retail and advertising space, you can be sure that we are the right partner with corresponding market experience.

The patents have been developed to meet the needs of industrial customers or end users or have been purchased or exclusively licensed by designers, inventors or other companies.

Not all of these products can be found on our website. We would like to present these in a personal conversation.

Product customization of our patents is possible while maintaining patent protection. Thus, the products can be customized even more individually to the wishes of your customers.

Innovations team and university cooperation

Our own innovations team will suggest suitable articles and develop and customise your products in cooperation with several universities.

It is important that your innovative articles will have a distinguishing feature to serve as a unique selling point on the market. We will try to protect innovations by patenting wherever possible, to prevent your competitors from producing similar articles.

Discussions will be held with producers during the development phase already to establish whether the idea may be implemented in the form of a viable product.

Our international cooperation with several universities allows us to develop products to suit foreign cultures, needs and interests.


We have been in the German market for 14 years and have the best contacts both in the commercial sector and in the advertising industry.

Even before the launch into the German market in 2001, markets in Sweden, Canada, Asia and Australia were supplied by us. Initially, Germany was concentrating on the advertising market. After joining a major patent development company in 2009, the concept was adapted to the development of patents for retailers.

Almost all retail customers are supplied directly, the interposition of a dealer is usually omitted. You can find reference customers in all areas of trade: drugstores, DIY stores, supermarkets, mail-order companies, Internet retailers, catalog senders, mail order companies and teleshopping.The advertising area is supplied via advertising partners (wholesalers and agencies). We can refer to globally active and budget-strong references here as well.