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Soil-degradable material without microplastics – household range

What is special about our new innovative material without microplastics?

According to our research, this is the first material in the world that is soil-degradable without residual microplastics while being food safe and dishwasher safe.

Unlike industrial composting, which requires up to 60°C for degradation, the material composts without microplastics in normal soil or home compost. The composting process as well as the soil degradation, start after function fulfillment and only after contact with the home compost or after the product is buried in the soil. Depending on the compost composition or microorganism population, such processes take place at different rates.

LFGB certification from TÜV and confirmation of the newly developed material’s suitability for dishwashers mean that Global Innovations can manufacture products for the household sector with food contact using the patented material. Household applications for soil degradable products are equally diverse, ranging from cutlery to lunch boxes and coffee mugs. The material can be used without changing its shape for almost any product manufactured by injection molding. The product range is growing day by day.

Examples of currently developed products:


The material is protected by patent and can only be purchased worldwide exclusively from us. We are currently in the process of establishing a worldwide network of suppliers. You are also welcome to contact us directly as a producer. We are also happy to receive product suggestions, which can be implemented step by step. We will then check with which supplier we can implement them.

Does color lose the property of home composting?

No – the property of home composting can be preserved. There are home compostable paints specially certified by TÜV Austria, which are also soil degradable.

The material can be produced in the home compostable colors shown – other colors available on request.

Printing with home compostable inks is also possible.

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