Trading companies

A cooperation with us is very interesting, as our system is adapted especially for the production of innovative, patent protected products with all certificates, produced in factories with high social standards.

We have more than 100 property rights in various areas, which can be adjusted to your needs without losing the property right. Until now, we were able to sell more than 30 m patented products to the market. We are looking forward to welcoming you among our regular customers.

95% of the products, which are imported for European retail, are produced by our Chinese partner factory or purchased through them.

  • We are specialised in optimising products for you – we optimise existing products regarding the function, the design or the handling. We also develop new products, according to your wishes. We therefore have a proper design team with engineers and product designers.
  • We are broadly positioned and deliver nearly all household items at Primark, a wide range at DEPOT, H&M and many others. We develop and produce novelties for e.g., Tchibo. In the range of supermarkets, we cooperate with LIDL, EDEKA and Kaufland.
  • In the presentation „partner factory“ you will see, that we produce all kinds of plastic products, as well as products made of sustainable materials such as sugar cane, PLA, coffee grounds and cork. At the moment we are working on an own production of FSC certified Bamboo products. Additionally, you can request decoration and bathroom items.
  • Is „baking“ interesting for you? Visit our baking product gallery. Are there products you are interested in among these items?

Recently, we received the European patent right for our 3mm Cookie stamp, which we already sold over 20 m times. Please find further information in our detailed presentation for baking products.

Reference logos

Refernz Logo Depot 500
Refernz Logo Edeka
Refernz Logo hornbach
Refernz Logo mueller
Refernz Logo OBI
Refernz Logo REWE
Refernz Logo toom
Refernz Logo walmart 500

product Examples

Handelskonzerne Spasskrawatte
Patente Zahnputzbecher Sound scaled
Multifuktionsbrett Edelstahl
Patente Doppeloeffner scaled
Patente Keksstempel scaled
Handelskonzerne Kleinteilspender rotated scaled
Handelskonzerne Biegeloeffel
Handelskonzerne Biegeloeffel scaled
Handelskonzerne Autospiegelfahne scaled
Patente Parfuemkugelschreiber scaled
Handelskonzerne Flaschenoeffner scaled

These products were developed to the needs of retail groups or end customers; or purchased or exclusively licensed by designers, inventors or other companies.

Customisation of patented products is possible while maintaining the patent protection. Therefore, we can adapt the products even more individually according to the requirements of your customers.