Are ecological advertising materials effective?

The topic of sustainability is also increasingly coming into focus in the promotional products industry and is simply omnipresent. In short, this rapid development is based on a radical change in image: Sustainability is no longer associated with sacrifice or a bad conscience – sustainability is now classified as aesthetic and contemporary and is also simply fun. This term is much more than a synonym for environmental protection. At its core, sustainability means that future generations can develop just as freely and unhindered as the people who live in the present. A conscious use of resources is essential for this. Global Innovations is able to implement custom-made products from a wide variety of biodegradable materials and thus offer sustainable advertising material. We would be happy to check for you whether your desired product can also be produced from one of our sustainable materials and make you suggestions accordingly.

In general, especially in the promotional products industry, it is about marketing items that differ from the once classic “single-use products” in terms of their longevity. Sustainability in advertising material therefore means that the promotional items meet certain standards, for example in relation to the materiality of the product, its manufacturing process or its supply chain. The focus on the production site, sustainable packaging and subsequent sustainable shipping must not be forgotten. However, since not every promotional item lives on its longevity, it is also important to find out about disposal options. For example, whether the product is recyclable.

For many, a cup of coffee is part of the morning ritual – coffee is deeply rooted in many cultures. Global consumption is constantly increasing and with it coffee grounds and thus tons of organic waste. The good news: coffee waste can be put to good use. Sustainability and resource conservation meet design and layout.

We are able to produce a wide variety of high-quality advertising materials from coffee waste. The products are mostly dark brown like their starting material, feel slightly rough, are dishwasher safe and biodegradable. In addition, coffee has the positive property of neutralizing odors. We would be happy to check whether your desired product can be made from coffee grounds!
All products can be completely customized to your needs. An example of a beautiful, sustainable promotional item made from coffee waste:

Nachhaltigkeit Kaffeesatz Doppelwandiger Kaffeebecher

250 ml double walled coffee mug made of sugar cane + PP + coffee grounds

All ecological advertising materials stand out from conventional giveaways thanks to the green basic idea. Whether innovative sunflower seed cups, biscuit stamps made from cane sugar, glasses made from old wine bottles, fashionable sunglasses made from RPET, high-quality drinking cups made from rice husk fibers or notebooks made from leftover apples. Discover the possibilities with sustainable materials!