Do you still need advertising materials today?

According to the motto “Small gifts keep friendship” advertising media are indispensable even in the digital age, because they can create haptic experiences even without a personal encounter and thus leave a lasting impression. Above all, classic advertising materials can usefully supplement and underline online advertising messages. Because online advertising has a disadvantage, as soon as you stop visiting a website or using an online medium, the advertising message also reaches its limits, true to the motto: “Out of sight, out of mind”. Give-aways on the other hand, offer the chance that something will stick with the advertising addressee, because they accompany the recipient home or to the workplace and can always be effective in advertising there. The haptic experience – the opportunity to touch, feel and understand an advertising medium shouldn`t be underestimated.

We design and produce creative advertising material on a daily basis. Thanks to our huge selection of high-quality advertising materials, you will always find the right promotional gift for your customers, partners or employees. As a advertising material, creative advertising materials are indispensable, especially in the context of modern sales promotion. However, such advertising material are also suitable as a reward or as a benefit for outstanding performance by your employees. Whether it’s the extremely popular USB stick, which are colored in your company colors and provided with your logo or individual custom-made products as special advertising material for events and trade fairs, our standard advertising material always fulfills a positive promotional purpose.

The success of an advertising strategy depends heavily on the type of advertising material and how it is used. The big advantage of advertising materials, give-aways and promotional gifts is the tactile experience. While print or TV advertising can only describe or depict the advertised products or services, customers can be reached with the help of haptic advertising media across all their senses and the advertising messages can be made literally tangible. By including the sense of touch, advertising slogans are better and more lastingly remembered. Well-chosen advertising media also always offer noticeable added value for the recipient, so that the items are used regularly and for a long time and the printed company logo, contact information or advertising slogan are accordingly frequently present and memorable in the long term. In addition, it is important that the advertising material is useful for the target group, because if they aren´t needed, they either quickly end up in the trash or serve as dust collectors. Despite all the digitization, many papers, forms and documents still have to be filled out and signed personally, so a ballpoint pen is suitable for every company. Give-aways such as carrier bags are used again and again and are therefore timeless.

Ballpoint pens, pads or key fobs are cheap and available in large numbers, but they won’t necessarily stick in your memory in the long term. Which promotional gifts are the right ones depends on the company and the objective. If you want to present yourself to a very broad public, ballpoint pens can be enough. The more exclusive the customer base, the higher the quality of the promotional gifts should be. Our innovation team will be happy to implement your wishes and ideas for you – always with a lot of creativity and attention to detail!