As a specialist for custom-made products and patent development, we are always searching for inventors who enlarge our portfolio. We offer different options to launch your product into the market.

In order to / For being able to give you a most detailed market evaluation, it is important for us to have a very detailed description of your product.

We need a detailed definition of the development status of your idea.

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Torsten Münich
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Current status of development

When first contacting us, the following points should be discussed:

  • How is the status of the development?
  • Do 3D-sketches or samples exist?
  • Are there price indications given by a manufacturer or was the product checked for feasibility?
  • Do market-research-results exist
  • Do you want to contribute to the costs for development, moulds or sales?
  • Is your product already patented? Who should apply for the patent, you or Global Innovations (if applicable)?
  • Who are the target groups and markets?
  • Are there already interested parties?
  • Financing:
    Who applies for the property right? Who pays the mould costs? Who finances the project and mass production until payment by the customer? Who bears the risk?

Full service or just production?

We can offer different possibilities of cooperation:

  • Full service: Development, sample production, production support, mass production and full marketing. We take charge of your idea, define property rights, produce 3D samples and data, calculate the costs and present the product to potential customers. Even the production and shipping will, in this case, be completely included in the offer.
  • Of course it is possible to just realise separate aspects of a project with us. For example, we could just realise the production and you take care of sales by yourself or give it to an external company.

After a first telephone call we will decide, if a detailed presentation of your product is an option. We are looking forward to your presentation!