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Sunflower seed shells are a waste product of the sunflower oil production and therefore, they are 100% biodegradable. Innovative and home compostable products can be made from this material.

What is special about this material?

The raw-material is a type of bio-PBS based on cornstarch and combined with sunflower seed shells – a waste product from the food industry. In our bio-plastic processing we give these shells a second life.

Home compostability has been certified by TÜV Austria.

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Compostable plant pot

The pot can be planted in the soil together with the plant. It keeps stable during the cultivation and growing phase. The composting process starts only after planting pot and plant into the soil. It also prevents damaging the roots and so-called plant-shocks.

Available in different sizes.
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Compostable reusable coffee cup

This cup is reusable. At the end of its product life cycle it can get disposed in a home composter and will completely disintegrate without any microplastic residue.

Available in 10 different colours (certified by OK-Compost-Home, TÜV Austria).

Reusable cups from sunflower seed shells:

Advantages at a glance:

  • biobased
  • the shells are a „waste“-product of the sunflower oil production
  • dishwasher safe (up to 500 cycles with no alterations)
  • completely biodegradable
  • does not compete with food chains
  • does not occupy further acreages
  • cup-to-cup-recycling
  • absorb carbon: granulate on biodegradable polymeric basis. In comparison to conventional mugs, it has a lower carbon footprint.
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The mug (with 5 mm wall thickness) after approx. 12 months in a household backyard composter.

  • completely biodegradable
  • certified compost reaction
  • cleary visible start and progress of biological decomposition process