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You have a product vision and nobody was able to realise it? None of your partners was able to produce your product or to realise this product within a certain delivery time? Your promotional products were not outstanding from your competitors?

Then we are the right partner for you!

You’ll find all from one source!

Our service is flexible, reliable and has a high implementation rate. You’ll therefore find a qualified contact or a whole team at your side.

Our employees are especially trained to do most of the work for you and to be your partner for all promotional products and gift items. From idea to development to production control and delivery, you are supported by a competent partner.


We support you with fulfilling your vision and wishes through innovation and creativity.

Our in-house innovation team proposes, if needed, appropriate products and develops products in cooperation with our design team in China, various universities and design professors according to your wishes.

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During development, we already start testing in order to make sure that your idea can be realised into a real product.

We are able to develop products internationally according to all requirements and interests thanks to our international university cooperation.

Optionally, we offer you the creation of concepts for the market implementation of an innovation and determine if it could be protected by patent law.

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In addition to our already existing products, we offer you completely individual custom-made products, provided with property rights if needed, according to your requirements.

This can be realized either through our in-house innovation team or as a professional 3D animation as well as a complete propriety development through our design team in China or university cooperations.

You are welcome to provide us with your design or your already existing 3D data. We will examine and optimize them, if necessary, for the next steps.

Alles aus einer Hand design farbfaecher


We set great emphasis on high-quality sample production since it guarantees a smooth procedure for mass production. The designers of the factory will be involved from the start to ensure all aspects are discussed in detail prior to production start.

What kind of sample production is more to your liking will be discussed with you individually. We can offer nearly all options, from simple 3D print to plaster sample, individual hand sample from one-time forms up until complete samples from the real production form.

Afterwards, samples will be tested in Germany together with you before mass production can be started in order to make optimisations in necessary.

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Our products undergo strict internal and external quality tests and productions are monitored from external employees on-site.

A professional examination of the factory as well as a production support on-site will be made. Expert staff that was trained for production monitoring will check your products in Asia unannounced at different times during the production process.

Ueber uns Partnerfabrik Produktion Haube


Our products will be certified according to European / Germany guidelines especially for your productions. Upon request, you will receive detailed quality reports of renowned testing institutes for special developments.

Depending on production and customer request, we undertake extensive certifications (material certificates, factory certificates, TÜV, SGS, special certifications in the social area etc.).

In close cooperation with the factory inspectorate and testing institute, self-developments will be tested in advance with regard to required guidelines. Our employees will be trained continuously regarding new guidelines (for example toy guideline, REACH, product safety act.)

Ueber uns qualitaet und zertifizierung Urkunde


Our standard is a professional examination of each factory in Europe and Asia on-site. Depending on the quantities of your production, we plan different graded quality examinations, so that we can be certain that the products are according to your requirements and the joint parameters for a custom-made product are being maintained.

Specially trained staff will carry out examinations regularly at different times during the production process in order to maintain a high-quality standard

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The success of our company is based on the high satisfaction and sustained trust of our customers into our products and service. The individual and continuous support is of vital importance to us.

Our customer service excels in flexibility, a high implementation rate and reliability. You will be supported by a qualified contact or a whole team.

  • Our employees are trained to support you accurately with your orders. From idea to the development to production monitoring and delivery, you will be supported by a competent partner
  • Promptness is important for every customer – since we have direct contact with the factories, we are able to offer a quick service when creating an offer as well as short develop und production times
  • Upon request, we offer a design service, 3D animations and sample developments which are directly coordinated with the factories
  • But it doesn’t always have to be a completely custom-made development – find your required product in our shop
alles aus einer Hand service

Delivery options

We are flexible and operate according to your request. From FOB with your own quality controls, organised by your company, to a complete full-service or delivery to intermediate warehouses by us, everything is possible.

It goes without saying, we undertake all quality testing steps, production monitoring on-site and the shipping services whether per sea freight, air freight or courier incl. the complete shipping and customs process.

All registrations, for example EAR (WEEE), dual waste system, battery disposal and so on, will be arranged and registered by us.

Upon request, we ship full container to your central warehouse or palletised directly to your external branches.

Alles aus einer Hand Anlieferunsoption 2

Furthermore, we tend to the complete organisation of your prize draw. We would therefore work together with your agency. From the development of a prize draw idea to the production up until the prize ceremony in your company and the individual shipment of the gifts, everything can be arranged by us.

Example of a project

In the following you will find an example of a project: customer gifts for Christmas from the energy supplier EVM. The challenge was to realise 60.000 products and to ship individual shipments to households within 3 months.

Alles aus einer Hand beispielhafte Projektabwicklung evm
Alles aus einer Hand beispielhafte Projektabwicklung evm Zeichnung.jpg
  • Product research – production – individual distribution
  • Creating a presentation for a selection of customer gifts (approx. 20 different products)
  • Initial sampling per express shipment
  • Final product selection (set of knifes, set of suitcases, daylight alarm clock) and determination of all details (customisation, packaging, etc.)
  • Set of knifes: cooperation with a distribution company of “Zwilling”
  • Set of suitcases: timing was impossible at first: after product was redesigned, the impossible realisation was possible – Just-in-time production.
  • Daylight alarm clock: custom-made production with one of our partner factories, taking into account multiple testing institutes for examination and completion of existing certificates, production support and adjustment of the product on-site in China by our team

Further processing in connection with the project:

  • Multiple meetings together with the agency of the customer
  • Creating an instruction / print design with the agency and testing institute for the order of the material.
  • Visiting the factory in China twice, before and during production
  • Continuous support on-site through our partner and by Hansecontrol
  • Parallel production – afterwards shipping to Germany
  • Individual distribution campaign to households (one gift per household)
  • Packing + including a letter + individual distribution by DHL